OMG!!!! sorry the pictures are flipped… but I MADE IT ONTO MOZAIC DANCE TEAM!!!!!

holy crap, i don’t think you guys understand the excitement i have right now… i have tried out for this team for 2 years and didn’t even make it to callbacks and finally this year i made it! (: seriously, i feel like i’ve grown so much and learned so much and i cannot wait to learn even more! omg…. this is awesome and i’m so happy and proud of myself and i have honestly worked so hard to get to this point and HOLY CRAP. this is awesome. i don’t know what to say or do but this is seriously awesome and i am so happy and i can’t wait for the rest of the year! (:  

  1. xxsimplicity said: Love you! So proud of you!
  2. r3hp0tsirhc said: next time when you’re on the picture on photobooth, click command F
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